Alida Farrell

Physiotherapist and osteopath

Vitalida Physio & Ostéo

(514) 805-3516

Odile Desbois

Physiotherapist and osteopath




Physiotherapist and osteopath

Vitalida Physio & Ostéo


Solomon Tzeggai-Tefferi

Physiotherapist, osteopathy studies

Postural re-education


Katie Saunders

Psychologist (PhD)


Mai Hua

Naturopath and homeopath


Lynda Hoffman

Certified Life and ADHD coach

Educational Kinesiologist



Julie Dumouchel

Massage therapist


Marie-Pier Ruel

Child and Youth Psychologist


Anja Werner

Naturopath and Massage Therapist



Wissam Wehbe

Osteopathy intern, massage therapist, B.Sc. Physical Therapy

Vitalida Physio & Osteo


Jenny Gold

Birth Doula


Tara Gallimore

Registered Dietician/ Nutritionist

Vitalida Physio & Osteo



Cassandre Féthière

Massage therapist

(514) 995-1455

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